Karen Trotter – “to reveal and make new”

“Textures of tide and time fascinate me. Rust, splintered boats and batteries, driftwood, beaks, bones, bottle tops, feathers, glass, rope and seaweed find their place in my works, re-crafted with mosaic, abstracted in paint.

My art results from the compulsion to comb beaches; to search, to reveal and to make new.”

Karen has participated in Inverkeithing Art Initiative’s previous Art & Craft Markets and we’re delighted to say that her work, which never fails to fascinate and intrigue, will again be available to view and purchase at the ART:JAM on Saturday 12th September at Inverkeithing Civic Centre, Queen Street, 11am-4.30pm..

Karen recently exhibited her work at the Pittenweem Festival 1st-9th August 2015.

Karen Trotter



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