sustain:ability – The ART:JAM Artists and Crafters

All eighteen artists and crafters who are taking part in the ART:JAM on Saturday 12th September at Inverkeithing Civic Centre have sustain:ability in their creative practice in at least one of the ways described below: 

environmental sustain:ability:

Artists and crafters who specialise in the field of re-purposing and re- cycling materials, up-cycling items and obtaining materials from sustainable sources.

economic sustain:ability

Making, selling and buying creative, hand-made and local produce of any kind is a big part of maintaining a strong, sustainable and meaningful local economy.

 community sustain:ability 

Communities are sustained when people get together to talk, laugh, plan and organise, explore difficulties, grow, cook and eat food together and make beautiful and useful things together. Community crafting groups and community art projects are an integral part of this aspect of sustainability.

 personal sustain:ability

Taking part in creative activities, creating art, enjoying and experiencing the creative arts, are all deeply fulfilling, increase wellbeing, and can be vital to our sense of identity. We communicate with each other and work out our problems through the practice of self expression through art, growing in confidence as individuals and as communities, either in a localised or broader sense.


 Throughout the next year, Inverkeithing Arts Initiative will be exploring the concept, through events and projects which focus on many different interpretations of the word sustain and how we attain sustainability or find sustenance in our lives, as individuals and as a community, particularly through the application and practice of, involvement and interaction with the Creative Arts.

We’ll be hosting and arranging art & craft workshops, community-based projects, interactions between the public and practicing makers, and opportunities for local makers to exhibit and sell their work.

To contact us with your thoughts and feedback on the year of sustain:ability email us


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