Old Books into New Art – Workshops at the Friary 2015

Inverkeithing Arts Initiative ran two workshops in November based on making new art from second hand books. These workshops were very well attended, and we think the people who took part came up with some fascinating works of art. The atmosphere in the Friary was very contemplative during these workshop sessions, as everyone, including the children, focused on their interpretations of the book -art techniques. Here are some of the creations:

IMG_0947   big fat moon

night of the hunter  poem in the making


dragon   this dark and curious feeling

cropped book art 1  IMG_20151117_211745631

victorias family          vintage

We also made decorations with the second hand books, simply using jewellery wire and old books, and one of our participants kindly showed us all how to make tree and angel decorations  from folded books. This was fascinating and very well received! Sharing creative skills is a great way to learn new skills and build communities.

tree and angel folded books

musical decoration        red heart decoration

Many thanks to Inverkeithing Community Council and Fife Cultural Trust for funding Inverkeithing’s Creative Workshops at The Friary.


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