Ann’s Doodles – Intricate Details and Patterns

FlyLittleRockhopper2-348-480-480-80“The intricate details and patterns in my drawings come directly from the doodles I spent years covering all my books in school with. I use the thinest black pen I can find, and doodle for hours every day in the quietest place I can find. My technique has developed to include pens, Ink, pencils, watercolours and lately acrylic painted dots and spirals.”

Ann’s Doodles is an artist who has built a well-deserved reputation on her fantastically detailed and imaginative original drawings, prints, colouring books and book illustrations, all beloved by her fans! Inverkeithing Arts Initiative are delighted that she has agreed to join us for our latest INVERKEITHING FESTIVE MAKERS MARKET on Saturday 12th December 11AM – 4.30PM 

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