Thistle Be Scottish Candlemaker

Thistle Be Scottish –

Summer Artfest ’16 – Saturday 18th June – Inverkeithing Civic Centre

For the first time at an Inverkeithing Arts Initiative’s Art and Craft Market, there will be a candlemaker, Thistle Be Scottish, who produces hand-made candles and melts in a variety of delicious aromas and colours. Candles are in jars, mason jars and in pretty vintage crockery. Candles and melts are soy based. Perfect for helping you to relax after a hard day. Lovely!

12819215_1095676613796554_1875019187831177662_o copy

775059_1103463273017888_6581448318093294426_o copy

Thistle Be Scottish will be at the Artfest ’16 Summer Art & Craft Market on Saturday 18th June from 11am-4.30pm at Inverkeithing Civic Centre Main Hall.


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