Artfest ’16 in images

Saturday 18th June 2016 in the Inverkeithing Civic Centre

Artfest ’16 Art & Craft Market

The beautiful art and handmade crafts for sale at Artfest ’16…..

The Makers at Artfest ’16 on 18th June 2016 were:

Glass Act, My Cherry PieBlack Rock Textiles, Earthen Images  Seacycle, Thistle Be Scottish, Filo di Lana, Aisydaisy, Maria – Handmade Crafts, Helen RowbothamBoxoftrix, Lainy AllisonTubular, Fibell Crafts, Elaine Bews, Tom Bishop-de-Main, Karen Trotter, Tartan Hearts, Seaside Design, Sarah Coonan,


With many thanks to Chloe Doogan for the beautiful photographs she took of the day.








2 thoughts on “Artfest ’16 in images

  1. Well done for another lovely craft fair- I did so want to be there. The range of artists was really fantastic and photos lovely. Can you remind me who was making and selling the small dolls again? They would make good story puppets!
    Kate storyteller

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    1. Hi Kate. Many thanks for your kind words about the range of artists, they were great weren’t they? The maker of the dolls is Filo di Lana, or Sam Cedermark, who lives here in Inverkeithing. I think we will have your email address so I will email her details to you so you can get in touch. Good luck with the storytelling tomorrow evening – I’m going to try and come with my daughter Hope xx


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