WILD WOOD – Children’s Workshop

Maker, 2a High Street, Inverkeithing

Saturday 19th November, 11am-12.30pm

ages 5-10, £10 per child

Run by Anita and James Peggie from Rustic Simplicity.


Making a special gift…

There’s nothing more meaningful than a gift bearing the unmistakable touch of a creative kid. A hand-drawn decoration makes a  gift precious.These easy to do crafty gifts will make any adult smile at Christmas.

Description: With a pencil kids make a drawing, then with help will transfer the image themselves onto a piece of pre-sanded pallet wood, which we then finish for them in pyrography, creating a lovely effect.

The child can be hands-on giving the piece a light sanding and waxing, and then gift can be taken home after the  workshop.

Email info@inverkeithingarts.org or call 01383 271839 to book places on the workshop.


2 thoughts on “WILD WOOD – Children’s Workshop

    1. What a great idea, Kate! I suspect Anita wouldn’t want to mix kids and adults at the one class, but I’m pretty sure she’d be delighted to run a grown ups version! I’ll speak to her and get back to you. Best, Jane


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