Shona Reppe – Children’s Theatre Maker

Children’s theatre maker and designer Shona Reppe, a resident of Inverkeithing, has  recently been working on some wonderful pieces of theatre, and her newly updated website seemed like a perfectly good excuse for IAI to take a peek at her fascinating work.

“I take inspiration from everything around me and have a continued fascination with small things that should be big and big things that should be small. I love to play with scale and create worlds where anything can happen. I try not to spoon feed my audiences, preferring to engage their curiosity, rather than demand their attention. I want to see Grandparents laughing with their grandchildren – adults having as much fun as the children.” Shona Reppe

Shona collaborated on the critically acclaimed Black Beauty and she will be touring in March and April with her most recent charming and thought provoking ‘theatre of objects’ –  The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean.



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