Ian’s Witch Tree, 7th November 2021

Ian Walker developed this idea from his original site-specific work for the project ‘Snapshots & Sketches’ with Inverkeithing Arts. His previous work involved hanging 51 small rags of cloth to the branches of a small apple tree, situated in Witch Knowe Park. This new development involved creating 51 white crescent moons, delicately moulded in fimo, and hung with ribbons from another tree in the same location. He invited all of the participants of the S & S project. On 7th November we met in the park to ceremoniously hang his moons.


Burgh Blethers in Inverkeithing

Starting on 31st July 2016, Fife storytellers Burgh Blethers are moving their monthly storytelling club to The Friary in Inverkeithing. We are delighted to welcome them to the town, and in particular the beloved Friary, a fitting venue for safeguarding and promoting the oral traditions in Scottish culture.

The club is free and open to adults and young people of secondary school age who are interested in storytelling in all its guises. Usually there is a theme and if folk want to tell a story or give a poem or sing a song related, however loosely, to the theme, they can let Kate and Rowan know at the start of the session. People might simply just want to listen or join in the chat, and that’s fine too – it’s all fairly informal.

Here is the club’s current newsletter:

New Venue and Dates for Club
From this month our storytelling club will be moving to the old Friary beside the Civic Centre in Inverkeithing. Rowan has booked the venue for the next 6 months as a trial and the date will revert back to the last Sunday of every month from 2-4pm, starting this month on Sunday the 31st of July. This means there is NO session at the Bruery on July 24th.
I hope the short notice of this change  will not inconvenience anyone too much but the idea of the venue was introduced to us only very recently . It seems a really good location for us and an opportunity we thought we should not miss. The Friary is the oldest building in Inverkeithing, has lovely gardens to the rear and inside has a great space for storytelling. The building currently belongs to the Common Good and as long as we are not charging and the local community can access our sessions, the venue is free to us. There is also free car parking close by or, if you are coming to the club by bus or train, the Friary is a 5 minute walk from either Inverkeithing Railway Station or Ferrytoll  Bus Park and Ride. This may be of particular interest to tellers and members who are coming from further away.
The actual building is much more accessible than The Bruery or Abbot House and has a nice kitchen which we can  have use of too. As some of you may know, Inverkeithing is also one of Fife’s many Royal Burghs, so our club name is still very relevant for a local Fife Storytelling club.

Birthday Bash
It’s hard to believe, but our next session in July will see Burgh Blethers reach its first birthday ! To celebrate this we’re having a bit of a birthday bash. Our theme for the session will be’ Presents’ and we will be indulging in a bit of cake eating too……
Our guest for the afternoon will be writer Mary Easson, who will share with us the inspiration behind her well received first novel ‘Black Rigg’, a story set in a Scottish Mining Village in West Lothian in 1910. Mary also recently was a joint winner of the Scottish Storytelling Centre’s ‘Create a Legend’ competition with her short story ‘The Legend of the Witches Crag’ and you will be able to hear about the ‘roots’ of this story too.
So-Please join us in The Friary on the 31st of July from 2-4pm.  Let us know if you are intending to come and bringing any friends ( to help with the size of the cake slices….) !

Looking forward to seeing you all there.
Best wishes,

Kate Walker

Chatterbox Stories, Fife

Ph:  01383 724876
07745 957134

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Fibell Crafts Sewn Homewares & Gifts

Fibell Crafts –

Summer Artfest ’16 – Saturday 18th June – Inverkeithing Civic Centre

Fibell Crafts makes everything from cushions to peg bags, covered notebooks to bunting, baby quilts and memory quilts, all sewn by either hand or machine. Specialising in using lovely recycled fabrics such as kilts and soft shirts, and decorating with appliqué techniques, the result is homewares items and gifts which are at the same time both comforting and quirky.

image1 copy

fibell crafts 1 copy

Fibell Crafts will be at the Artfest ’16 Summer Art & Craft Market on Saturday 18th June from 11am-4.30pm at the Inverkeithing Civic Centre, Queen Street

Filo di Lana Crochet

Filo di Lana –

Summer Artfest ’16 – Saturday 18th June – Inverkeithing Civic Centre

A local crafter, Filo di Lana crochets the most lovely accessories with a vintage feel such as slippers and berets, as well as delightful home wares, and now cute rag dollies as well! Using lovely coloured yarns for all items, and thoughtfully finishing items with lovely touches such as pretty buttons and fabric linings. Clothing and accessories can be ordered to the correct size.

IMG_20160525_192007082 copy

IMG_20160403_175055969 copy

Filo di Lana will be at the Artfest ’16 Summer Art & Craft Market on Saturday 18th June from 11am-4.30pm at the Inverkeithing Civic Centre Main Hall


Artfest ’16

What an exciting line-up of Artists and Makers appearing at the Artfest ’16 Summer Art and Craft Market on Saturday 18th June in Inverkeithing, Fife:

Thistle Be Scottish, Tartan Hearts, Filo di Lana, Fibell Crafts, Seaside Design, Seacycle, Marie’s Artisan Soaps, Earthen Images, Maria – Handmade Crafts, Tubular, Karen Trotter, Sarah Coonan, Aisydaisy, Black Rock Textiles, My Cherry Pie, Lainy Allison, Tom Bishop-de-Main, Glass Act, Boxofrix, Elaine Bews, Helen Rowbotham


For more information on all of the artists and crafters who will be featured at the event at the Inverkeithing Civic Centre, 11am-4.30pm, follow our Blog posts and Facebook posts over the next four weeks as we introduce each of them, and show images of their mouthwateringly gorgeous art and craft!

Inverkeithing Summer Makers Market – Deadline for Applications

Friday 29th April is the deadline for applying to take part in Summer Makers Market on Saturday 18th June in Inverkeithing. If you have received an application but haven’t returned it yet, or haven’t emailed us to request one – come on, get your skates on! info@inverkeithingarts.org

We are keen to hear from amateurs, professionals and creative community groups alike. Successful applicants pay £25 for a 6 by 2 ft table, plus an item of your hand-made art or crafts for our popular Art Raffle. To see details and images of our wonderful Inverkeithing Makers Markets see Past Events on our website.