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Inverkeithing Arts are committed to community and participatory arts projects, supporting members of the public and community groups to become involved in enjoyable and meaningful arts-based projects.

Current Projects 2016-2017
Memory Group Workshops (read more)
Inverkeithing Primary School Photography Project (read more)
Art and Craft Taster Sessions (read more)
Fraser Avenue: A Deconstruction (read more)

Memory Group Workshops

Instigated by Fife CLD Partnership and The Fraser Avenue Regeneration Project and led by Inverkeithing Arts Initiative)

Tuesdays 9.30-11.30, Maker 2a High Street, Inverkeithing – a group for current and former residents of Fraser Avenue and surrounding area

‘An opportunity for conversations about individual experiences of living in Fraser Avenue and the surrounding area, examining the past, witnessing the present and recording hopes for the future. Memories will be shared and recorded through personal art works.

Weeks 1-8: The group shared their own stories, recollections and opinions about the past, present and future of the area – and explored narratives about their own lives and families. Using a variety of mediums including writing, photographs, drawing, bookmaking, model making and collage, each individual transformed their material into independently developed arts projects. Each week the conversations about past and current memories and issues continued around the table, spontaneously and naturally arising and woven around the individual pieces of art.

Weeks 9-16: The group developed their conversations and ideas into a fascinating group project, chronicling the personal and communal past, present and future of life on Fraser Avenue and surrounding area. The artwork(s) resulting from this joint project were exhibited at The Inverkeithing Civic Centre on 9th-15th June 2017 where it will kept in permanent archive.

image: The Memory Book, mixed media on fabric

image: pictures of the exhibition 09/06/17

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Inverkeithing Primary School Photography Project

‘Hunting for Treasure’ 

Autumn 2016 &  Spring 2017

(in collaboration with the Fraser Avenue Regeneration Project)

With the demolition and rebuilding of this well known street comes the opportunity to take some time to explore a place which is at once familiar and at the same time in the process of becoming strange, unfamiliar and renewed.

Pupils at Inverkeithing Primary School have been involved in thinking about the changes taking place on Fraser Avenue. The p4s took part in a photography project, observing the street and taking photographs. One p4 class went for a walk on the street in October 2016, while demolition was in preparation, the second p4 class went out in March 2017, after the first stage of demolition had been completed, and observed a very different landscape! They followed a treasure hunt list, looking for things such as ‘something blue’, ‘something far away’, ‘something growing’, ‘a machine’ etc. This gave them a focus for looking at a wide variety of things out on the street. The images they took were a fantastic representation of a street in the midst of change. Back in the classrooms the pupils used prints of their photographs to make collages, and then drew on acetate what they remembered seeing – houses, people, cars etc. They made beautiful drawings, which included such interning things as slide from the clouds and an explosion! The finished artworks were put together in a pull-out book to represent the street. The result is truly fantastic!

images: some of the treasure hunt photographs

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Art and Craft Taster Sessions

(supported by Kingdom Housing Association)

In April 2017 we organised ‘taster sessions’ during a Family Fun Day at Inverkeithing Primary School, giving families the opportunity to try some creative activities, led by local artists and crafters. Local crafters ‘Rustic Simplicity’ offered the chance to build wooden bird boxes, Cathy Reilly was on hand to help visitors decoupage a frame or a jar, and local artist Rosie Gibson was encouraging visitors to make both 2D and 3D art from memories of the area.

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Fraser Avenue: A Deconstruction

Inverkeithing Arts will document the changes in Fraser Avenue during the regeneration project – pre-demolition, demolition, re build and moving in.

View some of the photographs taken so far on the Kingdom Housing Association website


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