The Place Where We Live – 10 months on

Artworks and experiences created during Community Arts Projects can continue to have reverberations, be enjoyed and inspire people long after the project has taken place. We saw this in action on 22nd June 2016 when we were invited to attend a day of celebrating pupils’ achievement at Inverkeithing Primary School. We found ‘The Place Where We Live’ – the 3D map project which Inverkeithing Arts Initiative ran with the p4 year group in 2015, proudly on display in the school hall.

IAI devised and led this project at the school in September 2015 when participatory artist Rosie Gibson asked us to help her get local schoolchildren involved with, and incorporated into, her ‘Trading Wisdom’ project on Inverkeithing High Street, part of the nationwide ‘Luminate Project on Creative Aging’.

Rosie’s project involved listening to elderly residents of Inverkeithing, and from their conversations gathering ‘nuggets of wisdom’. The nugget Rosie asked us to use to inspire the pupils’ project was from an elderly lady remembering her time as a young woman working at the Caldwell Paper Mill:

“My mothers hoose was like a canteen. We went hame fae the mill for breakfast, lunch, then hame for the tea! And my brothers were on different shifts so they went hame at different times tae!”

We talked with the children about the nugget and what it was about, and asked them to have a think about ‘their’ high street, and what they might see as they themselves walk through it every day. The children created drawings of the things they could remember, using vividly coloured pens and pieces of card…. the results were gloriously imaginative and lively. The children then stuck their drawings in the appropriate places along the roads, to create a joint artwork which we called ‘The Place Where We Live’. All of the children were enthusiastic and engaged throughout the whole day the project took place. The resulting maps were photographed and Rosie made placemats to be used, appropriately, at the Millbrae Cafe (which still uses them daily!)

The 3D Maps, and placemats, were displayed during the school’s event on the 22nd, and we were delighted to see so many visitors at the event stopping to have a look at them, very obviously admiring the children’s work. The pupils who had taken part in the project were particular proud of the maps, and enjoyed looking for their own drawings, and showing them off to their parents, grandparents and carers.

The primary school, Inverkeithing Arts Initiative and Rosie Gibson are very keen to continue working together in the future, involving local schoolchildren in community arts projects.

For more images of the maps, click here





Calling all Artists and Makers!

INVERKEITHING ARTS INITIATIVE will be hosting our fourth fabulous MAKERS MARKET on Saturday 12th December 2015, 11am – 4.30pm 2015 in the Inverkeithing Civic Centre, Queen Street, Inverkeithing, Fife.
If you are interested in a table at the event, please email us at for more information and to request an application form.
We are keen to hear from amateurs, professionals and creative community groups alike.
Successful applicants pay £25 per 6 by 2 ft table, plus an item of your hand made goods for our popular Art Raffle.
Apologies for the increase in table price, this is due to unavoidable rises in costs.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


Trading Wisdom: Afternoon Tea, 15th October 2015

Join Rosie Gibson on Thursday 15th October 2pm – 3.30pm, Civic Centre, 10 Queen Street, Inverkeithing KY11 1PA…

..and sample the handmade chocolates and other delights inspired by wise words from the local generation born between 1925 and 1935, as part of the Trading Wisdom art event on Inverkeithing High Street running between 10th – 17th October. In each of the 10 collaborating shops, Rosie has incorporated a gathered nugget of wisdom into each shop’s trading activity.

Trading Wisdom is part of Luminate, Scotland’s Creative Ageing Festival.

The event is free, but ticketed, so please call Rosie at the number below or email or online at Eventbrite.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 21.32.58











Trading Wisdom – Inverkeithing Art Event 10th-17th October – Rosie Gibson

“Trading Wisdom is an Art Event in Inverkeithing that celebrates both the grittily lyrical wisdom of my mum’s generation and also the shops and businesses in the High Street. I was curious about what happens if you put the two together.” Rosie Gibson

Rosie Gibson has collaborated with older people in Inverkeithing to create wonderful works of art incorporating their nuggets of wisdom! Find each of the 10 works incorporated into the trade of one of the 10 local shops.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 21.26.38

Trading Wisdom is part of the Scotland wide Luminate: Scotland’s creative ageing festival which starts on 1st October, bringing older people and people from across the generations together across Scotland to celebrate our creativity as we age, share stories of ageing and explore what growing older means to all of us.

More than 400 creative events take place all across Scotland until 31 October. Find out what’s on at




‘Spring Into Summer’ Art and Craft Fair, Saturday 2nd May 2015

We’ve put lots of photos on our website of all of the participating artists and crafters surrounded by their lovely work – Bloomin’ Marvellous Inverkeithing, May 2015.

These photos were all taken by volunteer Rosie Gibson. Thanks Rosie!

IAI love to mix together all kinds of creative people at our Art and Craft Fairs, from community groups who create for fun, skills-building and community participation, to amateur hobbyists who like the social buzz of meeting with fellow creative folk, to professionals whose creative work provides their livelihood. We think this makes for a fascinating mix, one which caters for all kinds of visitors to the Art and Craft Fair, and for different tastes and budgets.

At the Spring Into Summer Art and Craft Fair on May 2nd, our younger visitors had lots of fun making art works of their own at the kids activity table, and searching for the super-cute wee beasties, hidden at all the artists’  tables – supervised by volunteer Margaret Robertson and helped out by Ollie Kidd.


Each participating maker donated a handmade item for the raffle table.

With many thanks to The Inverkeithing Food Group for collaborating with Inverkeithing Arts Initiative on this event and providing an excellent lunch made from locally sourced ingredients for visitors at the Friary (next door to Inverkeithing Civic Centre). It was extremely popular and received a lot of praise! Thanks also for providing the IAI directors and volunteers with some much needed sustenance. Delicious!

We_CBF_2011_Banner no tel (Custom)




Bloomin’ Marvellous? – It certainly was!

I think we can happily say that our two latest events in Inverkeithing, ‘Swing Into Summer Tea Dance’ on Friday 1st May, and ‘Spring Into Summer Art and Craft Fair’ on Saturday 2nd May, were thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part in them.

On Friday 1st MayBenita and her Jazzmen beguiled us with their fabulous blues and jazz songs and musical arrangements. They were: Benita Baugh (vocalist), Sean Hughes (drums), David Graham (piano), John Vance (bass) and Bill Marshall (clarinet) – they really were a treat to listen, and, of course, to dance to!

Much tea, coffee and delicious cakes were also enjoyed (cakes created by Millbrae Cafe, High Street, Inverkeithing).

The Masonic Hall was decorated with beautiful paper flowers, birds and butterflies to celebrate that spring into summer feeling, mostly created by volunteers during our two crafting evenings held at The Friary, Queen Street in the run up to the event.

Benita's dance    Benita's moves

Artist Rosie Gibson baked and decorated a May Day Cake especially for the event, which was raffled during the evening. She embellished the cake with a version of one of the ‘nuggets of wisdom’ from Generation 1925 -35 that she gathered in Inverkeithing and beyond, as part of her Luminate Festival of Creative Ageing project:

“Work and Play as tho’ we are living in the early days of a better world.”

Rosie's wisdom cake

The nugget is derived from writer and artist Alisdair Gray’s “Work as if you live in the early days of a better nation”, which is engraved in the Canongate Wall of the Scottish Parliament building. He attributes the quote to Canadian author Dennis Lee.

Jenny Stewart – delightful art prints and greeting cards

Jenny Stewart is a local amateur artist whose charming and fresh creations make ideal gifts as well as treats for yourself. Her work is peopled with various delightful ‘furry friends’ including a highland coo, a Scottish ram, deer, puffins, mice and even pandas! She also makes lovely tableaus of children playing, as well as taking commissions for portraits, pet portraits and baby gifts. Her work will be for sale at our Spring Into Summer Art and Craft Fair on Saturday May 2nd,11am-5pm.

Inverkeithing Civic Centre, Queen Street, KY11 1PA


Jenny will also be showing off prints from her new collection ‘A Cat for all Seasons’!


Jenstew card

Bluebell Design – A sure sign of spring!

Bluebell Designs specialises in turning textiles into exciting new items using free machine and hand embroidery, fabric paints, appliqué and patchwork. You can see and purchase the results of these fascinating techniques at the Spring Into Summer Art and Craft Market, on Saturday May 2nd, 11am-5pm.

Inverkeithing Civic Centre, Queen Street, KY11 1PA


Items include include bags, accessories and soft jewellery, all handmade by Bluebell Designs. Many of the pieces are inspired by woodland and garden scenes.

phonecase         bluebell bag

Darren McWilliam – sustainable local wood

Inverkeithing Arts Initiative are very pleased to welcome another new-to-us maker who turns sustainable local wood into individual, gorgeous and useful pieces for the home. Darren McWilliam will be displaying and selling these beautiful items on Saturday May 2nd at our Spring Into Summer Art and Craft Fair, 11am-5pm.

Inverkeithing Civic Centre, Queen Street, KY11 1PA.



Love wood? Darren McWilliam creates an array of items to bring natural beauty into your home, from chopping boards to coffee pod holders!




wood wall