Maker: one of the venues for Central Fife Open Studios

On 2nd and 3rd September 2017 Maker will be one of the venues for the 2017 Central Fife Open Studios. Mary Farrell and Jane Francis will be showing and talking about their work in the workshop space at Maker on both days from 10.30am to 6pm.

to see the full listing of participating artists visit the CFOS website

Central Fife Open Studios has been set up to give professional artists and designers in Central Fife the opportunity to show their work to the public and celebrate the wealth of talent in this area.

The Open Studios offers the opportunity to talk to participating artists about how they create their work, their methods and sources of inspiration. There is also the chance to buy or commission a piece of original artwork from an exciting range of disciplines.

Memory Exhibition @ Maker

The Inverkeithing Memory Project exhibition has come back to Maker, 2a High Street, Inverkeithing, and will be displayed there until next Friday, 30th June. The artworks were created at Maker by the Memory Group, who met weekly to exchange memories of the past and hopes for the future during this time of change in Inverkeithing as Fraser Avenue gets demolished and rebuilt.




Glimpses – Lindow in the Window

Some wee glimpses of the preparatory drawings Catherine has been doing this week in the window at Maker. She’s drawing buildings, landmarks and stories from locals. She’ll be taking all these elements and creating a larger drawing of Inverkeithing. Come in and say hello and give her your stories about the town!

IMG_8981Maker, 2a High Street, Inverkeithing – tel. 01383 271839

Fraser Avenue Memory Group

This group of present and former residents of Fraser Avenue and surrounding streets was formed with the support of Fife Council’s Community Learning and Development Service, and has been working with Inverkeithing Arts on creative ways to document the past, present and future of this iconic Inverkeithing street. The group includes people who moved here as children with their families, when the flats were first built, and were very excited by the modern and convenient living they offered. We also have people who were born and grew up here, as well as people who have moved into the street more recently, bringing their own children up in the area. The age range is thus from people in their 60s to those in their 20s. It’s also great to have a good gender balance within the group.

The memories evoked during the workshop sessions are nothing short of fascinating, and everyone in the group comes up with an extraordinary array of creative ideas to document and celebrate the area. The difficulty really is having enough time to complete them all! The group has gone from strength to strength, initially focusing on personal memories and reflections, which resulted in a wonderful array of art works, and is now currently working on a collaborative project to share their reflections with the wider public.

Inverkeithing Arts are proud to be facilitating the amazing creativity of this group, with the support of Fife Council Community Learning and Development Service. The group meets in our new workshop space at Maker, 2a High Street, which has become the natural ‘home’ for the group. We are delighted that the space is being used by residents of Inverkeithing in a way which really does it justice.

Watch this space for more news of the results of the collaborative project!

image: works in progress -Fraser Avenue Memory Art Projects




‘To Anybody At All’

This powerful poem by Scottish poet Margaret Tait is the next in our series asking ‘what is love?’:

I didn’t want you cosy and neat and limited.

I didn’t want you to be understandable,


I wanted you to be mad and limitless,

Neither bound to me nor bound to anyone else’s or

your own preconceived idea of yourself.

Margaret Tait (b. 1918)


image: Ceramic Bird Pendant by Sarah Coonan

You’ll find Sarah’s beautiful jewellery and home accessories at Maker, 2a High Street, Inverkeithing, Fife. Opening hours 10am-5.30pm Tuesday – Saturday.

‘Love is like a dizziness’

What is love? Passionate new love which sets your heart all a flutter, or the deep abiding trust and warmth of a long partnership? We all have different experiences of love, but the most important thing is to tell your loved ones what they mean to you.

If you are thinking of getting your loved one a token of your feelings, what could be better and more fitting than something lovingly hand-made by local makers? We have a truly wonderful collection of covetable objects at Maker, 2a High Street Inverkeithing – and as a bonus we will be posting a series of Scottish love poems, exploring the many forms of love – until St Valentine’s Day on 14th February. Enjoy!


O, Love, love, love!

Love is like a dizziness;

It winna let a poor body

Gang about his biziness!

James Hogg (1770-1835)

January 2017

It’s a brand new year, and, while everyone contemplates their new year resolutions, it’s a good time to revisit and refresh what Inverkeithing Arts are all about. We are an artist-run community interest company. We believe in local self-determination and the maker economy, and in the regenerative power of the creative arts in general. We encourage everyone to get involved with their local communities, to meet-up, forge relationships, get involved, use your local amenities, campaign for better ones, and start up new ones. We focus our philosophy around art and creativity, but we also try to support it wherever we find it, growing and sharing food, heritage and history, community groups and local small businesses….Visit our website to find out more about what who we are and what we’ve been up to.

Pop into our new hub, Maker, at 2a High Street, Inverkeithing, for a chat, look around at the selection of beautiful visual art and contemporary craft by Fife makers, find out what creative activities are already happening there and give us your ideas for future ones you’d like to take part in. If you are interested in running a class, workshop or event in our lovely workshop space, get in touch, by popping in, phoning us on 01383 271839, or emailing us on