A Christmas Carol – Friday 12th December 7.30pm-9pm

A first rate ghost story that will make you shiver in your boots, it is also a heart-warming tale of redemption and love. Laughter, tears, and a lesson to us all!


Nick Cheales reading the role of everyone’s favourite curmudgeon, Ebenezer Scrooge, and Kari Ann Shiff narrating, A Christmas Carol also features the voices of Liz Banks, Gabz Barker, Roisin Diamond, Andrew Mahady, Glen McGill, and Graeme Shield.


Edited and directed by Donna DuCarme (director, IAI).

Tickets £5, recommended for ages 12 and up.

Information/Reservations: info@inverkeithingarts.org

As part of A Handmade Holiday…

Donna M. DuCarme Inverkeithing Arts Initiative, presents

A Christmas Carol, A (very) live reading

christmas carol-the book
December 12th 2014, 7:30PM

 Inverkeithing Civic Centre, 10 Queen Street, Inverkeithing, Fife

 You’ve seen the movie, sung along to the musical…now you can hear the book!

Donna M. DuCarme and Inverkeithing Arts Initiative presents a “Readers Theatre” version of Charles Dickens’ original novella.  If you think you know this classic morality tale, think again! A first rate ghost story that will make you shiver in your boots, it’s also a heart-warming story of redemption and love. Laughter, tears, and a lesson to us all!

 This (very) live reading features Nick Cheales as everybody’s favourite curmudgeon Scrooge. With the voices of Kari Ann Shiff (as the narrator), Liz Banks, Gabz Barker, Roisin Diamond,  Andrew Mahady, Joel MasonGlen McGill and Graeme Shield.

Edited and directed by Donna DuCarme, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is presented in the original English, and is recommended for ages 12 and up.

Tickets are £5 and can be reserved via info@inverkeithingarts.org


Everyone’s Favourite Curmudgeon!