Fraser Avenue Memory Group

This group of present and former residents of Fraser Avenue and surrounding streets was formed with the support of Fife Council’s Community Learning and Development Service, and has been working with Inverkeithing Arts on creative ways to document the past, present and future of this iconic Inverkeithing street. The group includes people who moved here as children with their families, when the flats were first built, and were very excited by the modern and convenient living they offered. We also have people who were born and grew up here, as well as people who have moved into the street more recently, bringing their own children up in the area. The age range is thus from people in their 60s to those in their 20s. It’s also great to have a good gender balance within the group.

The memories evoked during the workshop sessions are nothing short of fascinating, and everyone in the group comes up with an extraordinary array of creative ideas to document and celebrate the area. The difficulty really is having enough time to complete them all! The group has gone from strength to strength, initially focusing on personal memories and reflections, which resulted in a wonderful array of art works, and is now currently working on a collaborative project to share their reflections with the wider public.

Inverkeithing Arts are proud to be facilitating the amazing creativity of this group, with the support of Fife Council Community Learning and Development Service. The group meets in our new workshop space at Maker, 2a High Street, which has become the natural ‘home’ for the group. We are delighted that the space is being used by residents of Inverkeithing in a way which really does it justice.

Watch this space for more news of the results of the collaborative project!

image: works in progress -Fraser Avenue Memory Art Projects