Meditation Workshop with Jan Mclaughlan – February 2018

A new and exciting workshop will take place at Maker, introducing participants to the wonderful benefits of meditation – something we could all do with in the modern world!

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Contact Jan to book or pop into Maker. Payment secures your place at the workshop.


Gnomes and Fairies at Maker

Happening tomorrow and Sunday, 23rd & 24th September, Yelena Gibbons will be leading a two day class, teaching people how to make these incredible art dolls. Yelena is originally from Russia, and has made her family’s home in Fife. In Russia making dolls like these is not only traditional, but a very popular hobby. The attention to detail Yelena puts into her dolls is certainly quite wonderful, and it will be a fascinating class! Her class will run from 1-4pm on Saturday and 12-3pm on Sunday. There is one space left on the class this weekend so get in touch with us at Maker, 2a High Street, Inverkeithing, tel 01383 271839 or email to book the space or register interest in future classes led by Yelena.


WILD WOOD – Children’s Workshop

Maker, 2a High Street, Inverkeithing

Saturday 19th November, 11am-12.30pm

ages 5-10, £10 per child

Run by Anita and James Peggie from Rustic Simplicity.


Making a special gift…

There’s nothing more meaningful than a gift bearing the unmistakable touch of a creative kid. A hand-drawn decoration makes a  gift precious.These easy to do crafty gifts will make any adult smile at Christmas.

Description: With a pencil kids make a drawing, then with help will transfer the image themselves onto a piece of pre-sanded pallet wood, which we then finish for them in pyrography, creating a lovely effect.

The child can be hands-on giving the piece a light sanding and waxing, and then gift can be taken home after the  workshop.

Email or call 01383 271839 to book places on the workshop.