It was really good to be able to participate in a creative event in my own town. It is an excellent way to network with other creative people in your community and it makes you realise you have support when you need it, when you are starting out with a creative venture. I think it is very important that local people have a vehicle to showcase their talents in their own community, as so often small makers and artists are overshadowed by city based ventures.” quote from a participating maker at IAI’s first event  ‘A Handmade Holiday’ December 2014

After our events, we like to ask the participating crafters what they feel about the event and their experience:

What do you think of how the event was organised?

“I”ve been doing craft fairs for 4 years now and this was one of the best in terms of organisation, both pre event and on the day.”

 “I felt the event was very organised, good information about venue, clear instructions and what was expected from the crafter.”

 “I was impressed by the quality of  organisation behind the event. Everything was planned in advance in meticulous detail, communication was clear and timely, the scheduling of rehearsals and performance was well thought out, and the needs of the performers were taken into account at every stage. For me that all made for a relatively stress-free and enjoyable process and final result.”

“A big thank you to the IAI for putting together another successful Fair.” (via Facebook)

“Thanks for your continuing hard work. It’s particularly great to have the Inverkeithing Food Group at the same time. Very friendly and well organised.”

What do you think of the publicity for the event?

“Advertising of the event was obviously extremely effective going by the great attendance on the day.”

 “Advertising of each of the participants craft on your website and Facebook was much appreciated.”

“It was great that you also gave the small businesses good publicity for the upcoming event.”

“Thanks also for showcasing us crafter’s work. It is really appreciated.” (via Facebook)

How did you find the atmosphere at the event?

“The organisers were friendly, helpful and made us feel very welcome.”

 “everyone was very welcoming and friendly”

 “you created a lovely atmosphere”

“Had a great day – lots of friendly stallholders and organisers. Well done and thanks for organising this event. Would certainly be interested in doing more with you.”

“Wonderful day. Had some great positive feedback, lots of compliments. Ready for the next one please.”

What did you think of the mix of artists and crafters?

“It was also the best mix of crafters and artists I’ve been with.”

 “The mix of talent was excellent.”

“It’s been a great opportunity for me to branch out in crafts. Thank you and I hope I am successful again to get a table.”

Do you think the event benefited people?

“I liked the ethos behind the initiative too about getting the whole community involved.”

“Also enjoyed the buzz of the fair on Saturday which really showed there is a demand in the community for more activities.”

“A fantastic twinning with food in the Friary. At last Inverkeithing is moving forward as a happening place.”

What did you think of the venue? (The Inverkeithing Civic Centre)

“The venue was spacious and bright with excellent facilities.”

“The venue was great, good light, heating, very clean and tidy and facilities were great, we couldn’t have wished for a better venue.”

“The Civic Centre is a real asset which needs to be used more in future.”

(other comments)

“I thought the Handmade Holiday was brilliant and very well attended. I’ve heard nothing but good reports.”

 “It was a joy to be involved”

 “Keep up the good work”

“Would love to return to any future fairs.” (via Facebook)

“Really great day thank you so much.” (via Facebook)

“Happy to be involved in future plans and look forward to seeing the initiative grow and prosper.”

“Participating in the reading was a real treat”

“Keep doing what you do.”


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